Multia Design — Making your business essence shine.

Multia Design is a High-end Holistic Graphic Design Boutique based in Toronto, Canada. We design refined visual presence and unique personalized programming solutions for remarkable individuals and businesses.

If you are ready for a new striking carefully crafted visual presence and determined to make an unforgettable impression, Multia Design is here to help bring all of your magnificence out into the world.


We believe that all people are intrinsically wholesome and beautiful inside. We would love to see a world in which people could see each other’s (and their own) inner magnificence and essence. A world in which there would be no judgments based on appearances, gender, race, personal preferences or beliefs.

Unfortunately we are all still inadvertently bombarded with judgments based on socially predetermined standards. In order to be positively seen and professionally favorably considered by others (as people or businesses) we need to clearly communicate our beautiful essence to the outside world. In doing this we need to stay true to our inner wisdom and be our unique selves.

In our personal quests, we are committed to changing this world one step at a time by doing our best in seeing our fellow earth travelers’ essence in all of their beauty and grace. We also strive to stay true to our own essence and be as open and genuine with others as we can.

As a Multia Design boutique, we are in business of making companies' unique essence apparent to others. We are skilled at making visible the beauty that seemed hidden before.


  • We make every effort to see you and genuinely care about helping you achieve your goals and dreams

  • We are passionate about creating unique and striking visual presence for you online and off

  • We use our intuitive imagination and step by step strategic approach to arrive at best possible solutions

  • We are committed to  being organized, dependable and accountable for our work

  • We are here to support you and share our knowledge with you to help you grow and learn
New Visual Identity which is professionally crafted has a great potential to help you to:

  • Position your company as a premium business
  • Get favorably recognized and accepted by your audience
  • Differentiate your company relative to your competition
  • Reduce the time needed to market your offerings
  • Visibly instill trust and confidence in your clients
  • Honor your inner beauty, knowledge, aspirations and make them visible to others


  • First, we carefully and skillfully discover the hidden treasure (using our ‘Deep contact' form and personal contact)

  • Then come up with visual ways to make your company shine (Brainstorming, sketching, designing and Art Directing)

  • We collaborate with you until you are happy with the new beautiful identity

  • We produce powerful and essence-filled visual materials that are uniquely aligned with your goals

  • Holistic approach to unique and essence-filled
    Brand design
  • Striking corporate style design and guidelines creation
  • High end stationery and Social media applications
  • Print marketing and corporate communications
  • Website, e-learning, e-marketing solutions
  • Online and CD/DVD animations
  • Multimedia speaker support and PowerPoint
  • Trade show visuals
  • Advertisements

  • Web and desktop solutions
  • Database design and development
  • Multi-tier and distributed applications
  • Data-driven websites and web-enabled solutions
  • Technical consulting services

Ready to talk? Please contact us for a complimentary Design Consultation.

"HealthSource Plus has been a long standing client of Multia Design.

We completely outsource our design to Multia based on many factors, but not the least of which their incredible eye for consistency, beauty and helping us portray a professional image.

I am most impressed with Multia Design’s ability to turn around world-class design in many media in some cases under ridiculous timelines with an intergrity that is rare in firms many times their size. Their ability to make our problems their own, take on projects with little guidance and an uncanny ability to read minds – ensures that Multia Design is the firm we turn to for the projects that
really count."

Jeffrey Stinchcombe
Vice President, HealthSource Plus