Multia Design — Making your business essence shine.


  • First, we carefully and skillfully discover the hidden treasure

    • We take the time to get to know you, your needs, goals and aspirations
    • We ask questions about your business's personality, target audience, competition, industry
    • The time we invest into this step is very important and results in deepening your and our knowledge with regards to which visual direction the branding should take in order to be appealing to your target market, unique in comparison to your competition and  relevant with regards to your goals and needs

  • Then come up with visual ways to make your company shine

    • We don't cut corners and spend sufficient amount of time on Brainstorming, sketching, designing and Art Directing steps in the branding/design process

    • We don't just stop on the first/second idea which usually is the most overused one in the industry and make sure that all ideas/visuals are relevant to your brand positioning

    • The time we take insures that we can present to you a good variety of unique beautiful and functional visual concepts to choose from

  • We collaborate with you until you are happy with the new beautiful identity

    • We welcome your feedback and happy to make the changes
    • We want to make sure that you're satisfied with the visual materials we craft uniquely for you

  • We produce powerful and essence-filled visual materials that are uniquely aligned with your goals

New Visual Identity which is professionally crafted has a great potential to help you to:

  • Position your company as a premium business
  • Get favorably recognized and accepted by your audience
  • Differentiate your company relative to your competition
  • Reduce the time needed to market your offerings
  • Visibly instill trust and confidence in your clients
  • Honor your inner beauty, knowledge, aspirations and make them visible to others
  • Feel confident and inspired about allowing others to see your inner essence and beauty

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us
for a complimentary Design Consultation.

"HealthSource Plus has been a long standing client of Multia Design.

We completely outsource our design to Multia based on many factors, but not the least of which their incredible eye for consistency, beauty and helping us portray a professional image.

I am most impressed with Multia Design’s ability to turn around world-class design in many media in some cases under ridiculous timelines with an intergrity that is rare in firms many times their size. Their ability to make our problems their own, take on projects with little guidance and an uncanny ability to read minds – ensures that Multia Design is the firm we turn to for the projects that
really count."

Jeffrey Stinchcombe
Vice President, HealthSource Plus